Saturday, January 24

Amelia Belle Ellis

I have no excuse in the past to why I only have been blogging like once a month.....but now...I do!!
And the other day...this is what I found when I walked into the living room (I thought Avery was aweful quiet!) And wearing Amelia's socks as gloves....a very proud big sister! Doesn't look like Amelia minded!

Wednesday, January 7

Special Delivery

You know when Christmas is over and the tree is bare underneath with no's kinda sad. I took a pic of our sad bare tree but our camera decided to stop working. Just got a new one though! Well, we have one more special gift just waiting to be delivered! Anyday now! Really! If Amelia doesn't come by herself this weekend, we plan to induce Tues morning. Unfortunately, I had some pics to upload but the computer is not letting me... will try again tomorrow!

Friday, December 12

It's A-Coming

Whoa! I haven't blogged in so long I just had to sit and think about my password when signing in! Or maybe it's the old age....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me today! I've been telling my friends that I am well into my 30's now. Well - 31. Yes, I'm sporting the new "mom" hair-do (or is that cut and color your hair at the very last of your pregnancy hair-do?) Yes, that me, 35 weeks prego on a ladder. I just am trying to get this baby's room done...and it needed my touch on the walls as far as painting. I will show off my Mom's touch when I take a pic of the finished room later.....just what I imagined for my little Amelia.
And of course some pics of my shower. It was great...thank you Julie! Julie and I actually have the same due date, but she is like 3 feet taller than me, so sometimes she looks bigger! It was weird this time, not to have my old friends at my shower, but it was great to have some of my new SA friends there.
Avery knew it was a party for Baby Amelia, so she insisted on both of us unwrapping the gifts! (Cherie, we look like sisters again)
Well, Christmas Time's a coming, and so is this baby....4 weeks from today! We'll see!

Sunday, November 9

Not-So-Scary Scarecrow

I can't believe I'm posting Halloween pics so late! But seems like other things besides blogging have been on my to-d0 list. Anyway, here is the cutest little scarecrow in San Antonio!
Thanks Grandma for sewing on the patches and the "hay"! Avery was so proud all 5 times she wore her costume! The proudest when she wore it on Halloween evening, with scarecrow makeup, up to Daddy's firestation!

Thursday, October 30

Family Reunion

I'm just getting around to posting some pics of our annual family reunion. This reunion was different and special because instead of driving several hours to the meeting place and spending several hours then driving several hours back home, this time it was an all weekend thing. We stayed at Three Mountain Ranch near Clifton, sleeping in "cabins", eating and playing all day. The weather was perfect and we will definitely do again this way next year! This is the bunch
of us getting ready to go on the hay ride (with no hay!)
We also got to go horseback riding (well I didn't because of my "condition"....still haven't ever ridden a horse yet.)
Little Rhett (my nephew) had a great time too. All Avery could talk about on the drive up was seeing her favorite cousin Ryan!

Wednesday, October 15

G-ma's New Boyfriend

Just wanted to post the sweetest thing and the cutest little not of my Avery, but of my grandma and her new boyfriend, James. I haven't met him yet but will this weekend b/c grandma is bringing him to our family reunion. Everyone that has met James, says that he is so kind. It's been 6 years since my Popee passed away and G-ma has always talked like there would never be anyone else out there for her. Well God still has amazing plans for my grandma's life b/c the wedding date has been set for James and G-ma for Feb.14th, 2009. What an exciting Valetine's Day!

Friday, October 10

Little "Luby"

Thanks for all the votes on the baby's was fun to see what everyone liked out of the list. Here are the results:
  • 1 vote for Bryce
  • 2 votes for Winter
  • 2 votes for Reese
  • 3 votes for Joy
  • 4 votes for Camille
  • 9 votes for Amelia

Everyone did great! Because the name we choose for her isn't will be Amelia! We still haven't decided on a middle but Avery insists that her name be Amelia Luby! Everyday she expresses how excited she is about becoming a big sister!